2013 and Nerdville

It never fails, as soon as we enter December I start thinking about my must-have New Year’s resolution list. It’s not a dreaded thing for me. I like doing it. And this year, I am going to attempt at making my list a possible thing (sometimes I go way over board and make item #5 a trip to Italy, Rome and Paris). Anyway, here’s this year’s list:

1) Books. For the past several years I have given myself of number of books to finish. This year I’m just going to make a list of my must-reads. I think that’s more fun.

Count of Monte Cristo
Tess of the d’Urbervilles
-St. Augustine’s Confessions
The Habit of Being
Madame Bovary
Uncle Tom’s Cabin
-Chronicles of Narnia
-Washington: A Life
Informed Consent

2) Piano. Practice five days a week. Scales everyday. That’s pretty cut and dry. BTW, I have been practicing so much my thumb is raw. I’ve never been happier.

3) Bible. I just started a new Bible plan on YouVersion. It’s a one year plan. Like everyone else, I usually find myself defeated by a year plan and just end up reading Psalm and multiple NT books. This year I’m doing a few things differently…1) Reading the passages first thing when I get to work. I have the ability to do this at my job, and I’m going to take advantage. 2) Robert is going to read as well. I am also going to invite my small group starting in February to join in. A good dose of accountability never hurt. (3) Sunday will be my catch up day if I have fallen behind any days. 4) I’m going to keep a simple journal, for meditation purposes, on the things I am reading.

4) Writing. Post on this blog once a week. That’s 52 posts. Surely I can come up with 52 topics. I have a lot of aspirations for myself as far as writing goes. I know from experience that inspiration doesn’t usually come in a sudden burst and bam you have a great piece. It’s a like a daily muscle that needs to be exercised. Sometimes though, a never ending space with a blinking cursor can be very daunting, so I may use my journal for Bible reading as a writing place as well. I have done this before and remember how beneficial it was.

5) Trip to…just kidding. But really.

Clearly, the most important thing to me is becoming a nerd.

Happy New Year!


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