Review of Derek Elkins Life Unworthy of Life – By Robert Milton

Derek Elkins, author of  Life Unworthy of Life, is the Winner of the 2012 Christian Novel Contest with Athanatos Christian Ministries.

~Review by Robert Milton~

Life Unworthy of Life reminds us all of this fact: We have never locked eyes with someone that doesn’t matter to God. Elkins examines the sanctity of life…every life, even those some in society consider “the least of these.”

In the midst of the Second World War, a fledgling doctor finds himself working on the T4 Project, a project designed to examine, and eventually execute, anyone who has a disability of any kind. Mental, physical…all abnormalities are up for dissection. The end dream of this project is clear: the perfection of the human race, with Hitler as the Hero. Yet we find that this doctor, Viktor, begins to struggle with the thought of killing those he see’s as “vermin” and unworthy of life.” Germany is in the middle of a war, and can’t afford to support those that are “less than animals.”

And then he meets a boy with a mind like none other. Dieter is extremely intelligent, understanding the intricacies of both physics and philosophy. But Dieter is also blind in both eyes, and since that’s a genetic abnormality,  he must be examined then extinguished. Yet the bond he forms with Viktor is not easily broken. As Viktor seeks counsel and advice from his brother August, he continues to wrestle with his beliefs, his values and his conscience. And when the project is scrapped and the patients ordered to be executed, Viktor has a quick decision to make–save the life of an imperfect boy, or follow orders for the “betterment” of Germany. Somewhere along his journey, the Godly example and unconditional love from August begins to shake Viktor’s heart, leading him not only toward a change in lifestyle, but a change in heart style.

  Life Unworthy of Life…there’s no such thing.

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