I am briefly pausing from the Beautiful Mess of the Church series because today I got to meet a very special little girl, Baby Ruthie. My sister gave our family another precious little one.

I have never been one to go nuts over babies. I have a huge extended family, so new babies have been the norm in my life. Even still, newborns scare me to death. I don’t really want to hold someone’s fresh pride and joy. But there is something about my sister’s children. Both my older sisters have had babies, and each time I have experienced a unique love for these children when I meet them. I have certainly never felt this way about any other babies.

I love both my older sisters so much. SO MUCH! Christy and Connie are the perfect siblings. This is why:

A long time ago they taught me how to dress. Modestly. How to wear make up so I wouldn’t look like a 14 year old clown. These are important things you know.

They have taught me how to love a husband and be a good wife. I understand the need to confess sin and pursue forgiveness because they have done it with me. They are wonderful examples of being a great mom. Oh how they love their families! They each devote themselves to their separate churches. Tirelessly.  They fight their sin. Every day. They are not fake. They are not vain. They are consumed by grace. It sets the pace of their days. They love Jesus. Really they do. I watch them love Him.

I want to be just like them.

Many of my best childhood memories are with Connie. Even though she is six years older, she would entertain my silly games. Countless hours we played together. We scarred the ground riding double on my banana seat bike. She wrote me stacks of letters and notes–always affirming her love for me and telling me I was the best. She made me feel like the best. She still does. Even today, while holding her new baby, in pain, and medicated, she encouraged me to the whole room. “We are going to have a seminary graduate. It’s amazing Lorrie Beth.”

There is no one like her.

I feel great responsibility for my two younger siblings. They are watching me, and learning from me. Luckily, I’ve been taught by the best.

Welcome to the world Little Ruthie. I love you.


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