Friday Faves

Angel Harp and Human Voice: If you enjoy beautiful music and worship Jesus, there is no way you won’t love this album. Download it! 

Why Bible Study Doesn’t Transform Us: This is the best article I read all week. “I meet with women all the time who are curious about how they should study the Bible. They hunger for transformation, but it eludes them. Though many have spent years in church, even participating in organized studies, their grasp on the fundamentals of how to approach God’s Word is weak to non-existent. And it’s probably not their fault. Unless we are taught good study habits, few of us develop them naturally.”

The Huffs in Togo: I linked to this blog several weeks ago in hopes that you would join me in praying for this missionary family. Here is an update of their work on the orphanage they are building.

Here is an undercover recording of an abortion clinic in DC. For more information you can go to


2 responses to “Friday Faves

  1. Thank you SO much for the Bible study article. Totally something I needed to read this week. Seriously. Love it.

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