Friday Faves

Where is Jesus: This is a very rich article. “I wonder if we (myself at least), because of the Spirit, assume Jesus is around in the wrong ways. That’s why we’re okay with illustrations of Jesus sitting in the pews of our churches. Or with paintings of Jesus hugging a strung-out 20-something with holes in his jeans. But these images are wrong. At best, it’s wrong because we have a glitch that blends the person of Jesus with the person of the Spirit. At worse, it’s wrong because we have turned Jesus into some disembodied human who is more like a bearded phantom than the enthroned God-Man. The truth for us to remember is the doctrinal byword that Jesus is God and the Spirit is God, but Jesus is not the Spirit and the Spirit is not Jesus. And that means, at least for the past 2,000 years, Jesus doesn’t make footprints in the sand.”

I Got an iphone Infection:  “My iPhone had grown on me — literally. It was attached to my hand, clinging to me like a localized infection I didn’t want to cure.”

Creep Alert In Vitro Eugenics: “With generations of humans cultivated in petri dishes, scientists say they could eliminate unsatisfactory genes in the quest for better human beings. ‘In effect,’ Sparrow writes enthusiastically, ‘scientists will be able to breed human beings with the same (or greater) degree of sophistication with which we currently breed plants and animals.'”

Hope that Purifies: Lisa Spence discusses the return of Jesus. “Today I still believe Jesus’ promise to return and I pretend to be ready but the reality is sometimes I still prefer He would wait.” I can relate to this.

Happy Friday, friends!


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