Friday Faves

The Litmus Test of Genuine Christianity:  If you are going to read one article today, make it this one.  “We can become so consumed with our liberties that we end up treating those in the world as our enemies, to the detriment of the gospel. God has called us to proclaim a message of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18-20), something that is hard to do if we constantly approach unbelievers armed for a fight.”

Campus Porn Culture: A Real War on Women: A few weeks ago, The College Fix broke a story about a Pasadena College class “devoted entirely to porn. Students are actually assigned to watch porn as part of the class homework.”

Meet Nate Palmer: If you missed this post yesterday, make sure you check it out.

Will Right and Wrong Always Be Obvious:  “A society without the background of Christianity behind it will enforce a different understanding of morality. Atheists have the mistaken idea that objective morality is simply obvious to everyone, but the truth is, it’s not. All one has to do is look back through history (and in other cultures today) to see that this is so….It’s difficult for us to recognize the depth our depravity when “everyone else is doing it.”

Peter Doing What Peter Does: This is suppose to make you laugh. And for further laughing, read the comments.

Happy Friday!


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