Friday Faves–A Little on the Heavy Side

Should We Stop Saying, “The Church Hurt Me?”: “I hear the statement quite often. Usually it’s raised in discussions of church membership. People want to know how to help a wounded friend or family member re-engage the church. Or, they’re the ones who have been hurt and they’re wrestling with whether church is worth it. Some want to be convinced to join a church and others want to be told it’s okay to leave…”

Pastor: Fix My Helicopter And God Will Give You A Car: Speaking of church hurt…if you attend a church like this, a broken heart and an empty bank account are in your near future.

Confession of a Pregnant Teenager: This is an EXCELLENT post! Friends, how we treat people, especially our own families, will influence the years to come. Our judgement never leads to their repentance.

Am I Reformed?: “Be honest – if you find out someone disagrees with you on something you deem critical, do you find it harder to embrace them relationally?  Do you tend to caricature their views and even demonize them personally?”

Kind of heavy this week. Even still, Happy Friday!


A Bad Case of “Individualitis”

Below you will find a 40 minute message given by Andrew Wilson. I’ve never heard of him, but he just punched me right in the gut. A nasty habit of thought, that is seemingly rooted very deeply in my heart, has come crashing to the surface. It’s called “individualitis,” and here’s how it looks in my life:

I am scared to death I will amount to nothing in this world and my name will be forgotten. I’ll even Christianize it for you…I am scared I will not make huge strides for God’s Kingdom.  I am drowning in my own head because of this anti-community, self-absorbed way of thinking. I’m suffocating under this pressure to change my surrounding world. Change it!

Simply put, ordinary is failure. I can’t be ordinary–what can God do with that?

Arrogance, pride, unbiblical understanding of God, his church, my identity, my role…these are just a few problems that result from individualitis.  I will contemplate these things for many months ahead. But now I strongly encourage you to take 40 minutes and listen to this message. It’s the best I’ve ever heard…but maybe because I needed to hear it so badly.

Friday Faves

Dying Well: One Woman’s Extraordinary Story: This story is so wonderfully simple. No glamour or glory. Just a simple woman who wrote about her struggle with faith in Jesus.

Why We Need More Women In Ministry: You may or may not agree with her egalitarian standpoint, but Jenny Rae Armstrong lays it down in this article. I love it!

273 Freed In IJM’s Second-Largest Anti-Slavery Operation Ever: I need to pray more for this organization! They are helping so many people around the world and literally setting them free. Look over their website and see the amazing things they do. Here is an another example of their work. 

Happy Friday Everyone!



Friday Faves

The New Music Business, Or Why I am No Longer a Fan of Derek Webb: Luke Brawner talks about his fanship with Derek Webb. Great read!

I Missed My Son’s Birthday: “As a matter of fact, five years ago today a baby was born but his name wasn’t Benjamin. It was Maxim. Five years ago a few weeks from now, another baby was born but his name wasn’t Timothy. It was Sergei. The two of them languished in a Russian orphanage for over a year until the Lord directed our steps to their nursery door and on to the Russian courthouse where we adopted them, and changed their names.”

The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra.

“People realize that we shouldn’t throw away trash carelessly. Well, we shouldn’t throw away people either.”