Friday Faves

Nothing Hidden in D&X: “The controversy surrounding D&X is not like other abortion debates, because D&X is no ordinary abortion. One strains to be able to understand the procedure in civilized terms. Partial-birth abortion make irrefutable what has been obvious to so many for a long time.”

When a Church Loves a Woman: “No one comes into church perfect and polished, deserving of God’s love. Indeed, I was far from it. I was in a sinful relationship, my work was my idol, and I frequently put myself and my comforts above others.”

Hemingway, Hounded by the Feds: Hemingway killed himself on July 2, 1961. This is a well-written, although sad, article about the end of his life. I believe his story is very relevant today.

8 Ways Satan Convinces You to Question Your Salvation: This post is very helpful even if you are not questioning your salvation. “We have all things in Christ. Christ is all things to a Christian. If we are sick, Jesus is a physician. If we thirst, Jesus is a fountain. If our sins trouble us, Jesus is our righteousness. If we stand in need of help, Jesus is mighty to save. If we fear death, Jesus is life. If we are in darkness, Jesus is light. If we are weak, Jesus is strength. If we are in poverty, Jesus is plenty. If we desire heaven, Jesus is the way. The soul cannot say, ‘this I would have, and that I would have.’ But having Jesus, he has all he needs—eminently, perfectly, eternally” (Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices, Thomas Brooks).

One day I’ll post my own content again…today is not that day.

Happy Friday, friends!


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