A Humble Story

Three and a half years ago, I was a selfish wife, proficient church critic and believer of 17 years. I was theologically wounded from fights I had instigated and good for another rumble, to be honest.  Also, my own damaging sin was a very close history.

I was in desperate need of love. Desperate need to have God’s Word preached to me over and over and over and over. Desperate need of community. Desperate need of repentance.

Let me introduce you to a2 Church: lively, loving, rockin’, fun, real. So very real. These people were desperate for Jesus. That was obvious.  I loved it, but unfortunately I was moving away at the end of the year.

With twists and turns that are as ugly as life gets, I returned to a2 summer of 2011 in the worse shape of my life—slap broken-hearted and dealing with the consequences from years of selfish decisions.

a2 Church was my hospital.

It is hard to fully explain how well this church has cared for me. From my first visit all the way to this very day, November 13, 2013, it has cared for my life and soul without ever wearing out.

I am no longer broken. My marriage is totally restored. I am not in theological shambles, and I love Jesus more today than I have ever before.

My life is utterly mundane for sure. I never wanted it to be that way. If you know me, you know I am of the dramatic fashion. Yet, I understand Jesus better, God’s provision and faithfulness. His pursuit of His creation is relentless. Relentless love.  Friends, I am growing.

God has used His church once again to bring in a wondering sheep.

I love you a2. I love you Chris and Janet, our fearless leaders. I love you sweet friends. Let’s not forget how desperate we are for God. You know our mission of leading people into a life changing relationship with Jesus has nothing to do with our building or talent or cover song. Let’s beg God to help us love our new community well and to surround us with His presence. God help us become more like you.

If you will allow me a few more seconds of your time…

Some of you reading this today are in need of Jesus, a church family, repentance. I welcome you to a church with dangerous love. The grace this church can offer you is the risky grace of God.

Please do not expect perfection. Please do not expect perfection.

Expect love that can change your life and truth that will clean it up.



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