New Year Thinking

A new year is a gift in my opinion. It’s clean and fresh, and at the start, I haven’t had much time to do dumb things. But there’s something different about the start of this year. I am happier with life and very excited about what may be in store. I don’t feel crushed by own goals for once. That’s nice. I still have goals for sure: X-amount of books to read, write everyday, read my Bible through before summer, start piano lessons back (that one’s been on the list for about 15 years now). Somewhere in my head its been decided I will be okay if all this doesn’t happen.

I also have thought more about what God has done for me than I normally do at the beginning of a year.  Usually,  it’s what I plan on doing for him better than before. I’ve been walking with Jesus for about 20 years now and it’s always the same ole on January 1st –the focus is on me.  I have been given perfect righteousness through Jesus and I am overwhelmingly thankful for this.  I just have to keep praying about everything and try to remember he doesn’t get sick of hearing it all. It’s hard not to imagine God being like yourself, you know?

I have joyous hope bubbling inside that I know Jesus and he knows me. What else matters for my soul other than this truth? I want more than I can stand for my friends to find this is the truth for their soul too. I want to do everything I can to help them find it.

I have an outline for how I hope the story of my life will turn out. I’m sure it will be quite different than what I have imagined because God is good with tricks and sleeves.

So this 2014 has been pretty great these four days. I pray this year for spiritual maturity and that love may abound for you and me.



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