Friday Faves

The Gospel that Almost Killed Me: This is a really really good post about the dangers of believing in a prosperity gospel. “Brothers, call it what it is. Pastors, call it what it is. Don’t let even a hint of this junk live in your church. Preach against it, and preach a gospel that shines so bright and burns so hot that any other gospel that tries to approach it burns up upon entry.”

The Life of Lisa: I really resonated with this one. “There is the me that you see here on the blog, there is also the me at the podium teaching Bible study, the me at church, the me at basketball games, not to mention the me here at home. Sometimes they are different versions of me, or so it appears. Which is true? If I am honest, none adequately represent the whole of who I am.”

This is a short film (12 minutes long) called “ReMoved.” A friend posted this article on Facebook, which is where I first saw it. It’s about foster care, and it is powerful. Please watch.


Friday Faves–Jesus/Christmas Edition

Hi Again. Here are my favorite internet things from this week.

How Jesus Got His Name: This is fascinating, but I love etymology. So…#Nerd.

Jesus, the Son of Man: Ever wondered why Jesus called himself this? Here is a pretty quick explanation.

Prepare A Room: The lovely Dr. Sandra Glahn writes to us about hospitality. “Hospitality is primarily about people, not showmanship.” 1 Peter 4:9 “Show hospitality to one another without grumbling.” (God sure knows our tendencies.)

Finally, a little promotion for my man.

Seed of Doubt: This is my husband’s recently published novel. You should give it to someone for Christmas.

Merry Christmas, friends!

Friday Faves

In My Father’s House: What’s it Like: I enjoyed this imaginative/biblical response to death. “Last night a motorcyclist had an accident only feet from my front door that took his life. And his death provided yet another opportunity to consider the post-life world for the Christian. ”

Is Your Child a Christian?: “Admitting the obvious—that we are not God and cannot see the heart—I maintain certain evidence can help us discern the legitimacy of child or teenager’s profession of faith.”

Atlanta Tea Shop Rescues Girls from Poverty in India:  I love stories like this. “I came back to Atlanta and wrote a little note and put it up on the lamp and told my customers what I had seen…I really wanted to help these girls and they probably had no future without the help…”

Students Sign Petition to Legalize Abortion After Childbirth:  This is a tad ridiculous, but still proves a point.


A Really Good Question

“What is the church? Is it a building? Is it a people? Is it an institution?” This is the question Zach Hunt asked today on his blog, The American Jesus. It’s a great question and one my church proudly answers with a resounding “PEOPLE!”

But there are few questions in the Christian faith that are easily answered. Few. As in, maybe none! So I am not easily persuaded by one word answers. Something Scripture refers to as the Bride of Christ needs a little further explanation.

Today’s Friday Faves consist of one article. Are you ready?

Blogmatics: The Church

Happy Friday folks!

Friday Faves

Nothing Hidden in D&X: “The controversy surrounding D&X is not like other abortion debates, because D&X is no ordinary abortion. One strains to be able to understand the procedure in civilized terms. Partial-birth abortion make irrefutable what has been obvious to so many for a long time.”

When a Church Loves a Woman: “No one comes into church perfect and polished, deserving of God’s love. Indeed, I was far from it. I was in a sinful relationship, my work was my idol, and I frequently put myself and my comforts above others.”

Hemingway, Hounded by the Feds: Hemingway killed himself on July 2, 1961. This is a well-written, although sad, article about the end of his life. I believe his story is very relevant today.

8 Ways Satan Convinces You to Question Your Salvation: This post is very helpful even if you are not questioning your salvation. “We have all things in Christ. Christ is all things to a Christian. If we are sick, Jesus is a physician. If we thirst, Jesus is a fountain. If our sins trouble us, Jesus is our righteousness. If we stand in need of help, Jesus is mighty to save. If we fear death, Jesus is life. If we are in darkness, Jesus is light. If we are weak, Jesus is strength. If we are in poverty, Jesus is plenty. If we desire heaven, Jesus is the way. The soul cannot say, ‘this I would have, and that I would have.’ But having Jesus, he has all he needs—eminently, perfectly, eternally” (Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices, Thomas Brooks).

One day I’ll post my own content again…today is not that day.

Happy Friday, friends!

Friday Faves–A Little on the Heavy Side

Should We Stop Saying, “The Church Hurt Me?”: “I hear the statement quite often. Usually it’s raised in discussions of church membership. People want to know how to help a wounded friend or family member re-engage the church. Or, they’re the ones who have been hurt and they’re wrestling with whether church is worth it. Some want to be convinced to join a church and others want to be told it’s okay to leave…”

Pastor: Fix My Helicopter And God Will Give You A Car: Speaking of church hurt…if you attend a church like this, a broken heart and an empty bank account are in your near future.

Confession of a Pregnant Teenager: This is an EXCELLENT post! Friends, how we treat people, especially our own families, will influence the years to come. Our judgement never leads to their repentance.

Am I Reformed?: “Be honest – if you find out someone disagrees with you on something you deem critical, do you find it harder to embrace them relationally?  Do you tend to caricature their views and even demonize them personally?”

Kind of heavy this week. Even still, Happy Friday!

Friday Faves

Dying Well: One Woman’s Extraordinary Story: This story is so wonderfully simple. No glamour or glory. Just a simple woman who wrote about her struggle with faith in Jesus.

Why We Need More Women In Ministry: You may or may not agree with her egalitarian standpoint, but Jenny Rae Armstrong lays it down in this article. I love it!

273 Freed In IJM’s Second-Largest Anti-Slavery Operation Ever: I need to pray more for this organization! They are helping so many people around the world and literally setting them free. Look over their website and see the amazing things they do. Here is an another example of their work. 

Happy Friday Everyone!