Friday Faves–Jesus/Christmas Edition

Hi Again. Here are my favorite internet things from this week.

How Jesus Got His Name: This is fascinating, but I love etymology. So…#Nerd.

Jesus, the Son of Man: Ever wondered why Jesus called himself this? Here is a pretty quick explanation.

Prepare A Room: The lovely Dr. Sandra Glahn writes to us about hospitality. “Hospitality is primarily about people, not showmanship.” 1 Peter 4:9 “Show hospitality to one another without grumbling.” (God sure knows our tendencies.)

Finally, a little promotion for my man.

Seed of Doubt: This is my husband’s recently published novel. You should give it to someone for Christmas.

Merry Christmas, friends!


Friday Faves

I am pleased to introduce a new weekly post you will find every Friday on Servant Living. Friday Faves will be a collection of my favorite links for the week. It could be something I find funny, educating, or creative. There’s really no tell’n what will show up. Hope you enjoy!

Chinese Family Planning: “336 million abortions have been performed under it’s draconian family planning policies, dating back to the 1970’s.”  This article broke my heart.

The Huffs In Togo: This is a new blog I found via Tim Challies this week. I encourage you to look it over an pray for this family!

What Would You Look Like?: “You don’t have to figure out what to surrender to. Just surrender your heart to Jesus. Every single ounce of it. Ask Him to give you a love for Him that surpasses anything in your human experience. A supernatural capacity. And ask Him for it every day until He does it and then ask Him to do it some more.” Great post from Beth Moore over at the LPM Blog.

What Happened to Hospitality: “Beyond the service and the feeding of the meal, there’s something wonderful about the conversations that can come out of having people over.” I can attest to that! I see it every week. So thankful for the sweet friend that opens up her home for our small group.