Friday Faves

The Gospel that Almost Killed Me: This is a really really good post about the dangers of believing in a prosperity gospel. “Brothers, call it what it is. Pastors, call it what it is. Don’t let even a hint of this junk live in your church. Preach against it, and preach a gospel that shines so bright and burns so hot that any other gospel that tries to approach it burns up upon entry.”

The Life of Lisa: I really resonated with this one. “There is the me that you see here on the blog, there is also the me at the podium teaching Bible study, the me at church, the me at basketball games, not to mention the me here at home. Sometimes they are different versions of me, or so it appears. Which is true? If I am honest, none adequately represent the whole of who I am.”

This is a short film (12 minutes long) called “ReMoved.” A friend posted this article on Facebook, which is where I first saw it. It’s about foster care, and it is powerful. Please watch.